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The new academic year

As we start the new academic year not only are we refreshed by the long summer break but paradoxically by an exhausting day at the Bell House Dyslexia Fair in Dulwich, South London last weekend.

What was refreshing to see how a small band of hugely enthusiastic and capable volunteers are creating an island of excellence and are so visibly making a difference to a community. Recognition of this must be their ability to get the head of the British Dyslexia Association, Helen Boden to come out to what is not the most accessible of locations on a hot Saturday afternoon to speak. We ll done Bell House and well done Helen Boden.

But for us it wasn’t just the organisers and the speakers who refreshed us. It was all the hundreds of parents and kids who attended and many of whom we spoke to who are on a journey. Many of them have only just started that journey and others are quite a way along it but all of them were wanting to pick brains and search out information on their particular learning difference. And all, almost exclusively, seeing it as just that word, difference, and not another similar word, difficulty. Difference as in opportunity and not difficulty as in problem.


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