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Visual Tracking Exercises: Visual Perception, Visual Discrimination & Visual Tracking Exercises for Better Reading, Writing & Focus

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by Bridgette Sharp

Visual Tracking is an integral skill for successful reading, writing and all other learning!

Visual Tracking is the first skill mastered in speed reading!

Visual Tracking Exercises are used to improve:
1. Reading Speed
2. Reading Accuracy
3. Attention to Detail
4. Reading Comprehension
5. Letter, Number and Word Reversals
6. Skipping Words when Reading
7. Skipping Lines when Reading
8. Sequencing
9. Visual Processing
10. Brain Processing

Using the techniques in this book, learners can improve visual processing skills, sequencing skills, improve visual tracking and lessen the occurrence of reversals.

This form of cognitive therapy can be used by therapists, teachers, tutors and parents to teach and reinforce important skills necessary for successful reading and writing

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