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Tricky Spellings in Cartoons for Children – (Part 2)

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By Lidia Stanton

A delightful collection of witty and easy to remember visual hints (mnemonics) to help the child recall tricky spellings, including exceptions and homophones. 264 high- and medium-frequency words that appear in KS1 and KS2 curricula are associated with over 160 creative spelling clues. Ages 5-11.

This complements the earlier Part 1 of this very popular series with another bunch of high and medium frequency words that were not explored in Part 1. There are also days of the week and months of the year added, which is particularly attractive to teachers and parents.

So same format, new words. And new mnemonics.

This book is not a structured spelling programme. It does not replace any part of the child’s current literacy instruction at school. It complements it to help equip the children with additional ways to remember tricky spellings.

It’s suitable for children who:

  • prefer to learn by seeing and doing
  • have tried traditional spelling strategies (e.g. Look, Cover, Write, Check, and breaking words into sounds and syllables) but with limited success
  • continue to confuse similar sounding and similar looking words
  • have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulty.

This is something for which I have been waiting a very long time! In this colourful, engaging and amusing book, children are given strategies to help them remember the “tricky” spellings which they need in school. I’m sure that parents, teachers, TAs and the children themselves will enjoy learning with this book.” – Dr Lindsay Peer CBE Educational Psychologist, international speaker and author.

For older children and adults you might like to try 200 Tricky Spellings in Cartoons by the same author.

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