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The Dyscalculia Solution. Jane Emerson & Patricia Babtie

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 Jane Emerson & Patricia Babtie

This book follows on from the award winning book, The Dyscalculia Assessment. Once careful assessment has identified the particular numeracy difficulties your pupils may have, the Dyscalculia Solution provides a practical teaching guide for addressing and solving those difficulties.

The Dyscalculia Solution includes step-by-step instructions on how to teach pupils to use whole numbers by talking and reasoning about them, and communicating their thinking in a verbal, diagrammatic and written form. The book includes scripts to emphasise the importance of using the correct language to develop numerical thinking, as well as teaching objectives, activities and games which are important for fostering a positive attitude to numeracy. Each new concept builds on previous understanding so that new facts are derived by reasoning from known facts.

The Dyscalculia Solution is ideal for use with primary school children, but can easily be adapted for older students, and is invaluable for SENCOs, TAs, educational psychologists and mainstream teachers, keen to support students with numeracy difficulties in their class.

Accompanying materials in both print and electronic formats to support busy teachers by providing lesson plans and worksheets are available with this book.

Pub: Sep 2014
ISBN: 9781441129512


“The Dyscalculia Solution represents an invaluable practical guide to acquiring numeracy skills, for children and struggling adults alike. The book contains exercises focusing on the physical realisation of quantity and the operations that can be performed when quantities are expressed in symbolic form. This multi-sensory approach accords with how we now understand the brain to abstract the concept of numeracy from our interactions with the cultural environment. The book will prove essential for parents and teachers alike.” –  Professor Michael S. C. Thomas, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Birkbeck College University of London, Director, Centre of Educational Neuroscience“This is a resource which maths teachers will find unparalleled. It provides clear guidance as to how to help children with maths difficulties. It will help teachers to understand the underlying difficulties pupils may have and give them the knowledge as to how to support their pupils both in class and in one to one lessons.” –  Sue Dillon, Head of Learning Support, Thomas’s Battersea, London“The Dyscalculia Solution is an absolutely must have for any teacher looking for solutions with children who experience difficulties with numbers. It is quite simply the most practical and inspiring book; an invaluable piece in a teacher’s toolkit. Straightforward to read, simple to implement in class and at home. A top quality resource.” –  Jenny Aviss, Director of schools, Alpha Plus Group Ltd

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