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The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do

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By Kate Power and Kathy Iwanczak Forsyth Foreword by Paul Smith

To be published September 2020. Pre-order now.

Aimed at teenagers with Dyslexia this is full of inspiring stories from many more than the usual high profile dyslexics. Many personal and very meaningful words of advice for those shortly to be heading in to the world of work we are sure that your copy will become well thumbed and much read. Recommended!

From the authors of The Illustrated Guide to Dyslexia and Its Amazing People  this is a beautifully designed book (packed with photos) full of wise words and encouragement from successful dyslexics working in comedy, architecture, law, fashion and many other amazing (and achievable!) careers. Honest about the challenges of dyslexia (like problems or embarrassment at school), while showing how its strengths can be used to your advantage (for example how visualising and big picture thinking can make you shine at work), this is a book of colourful conversations with creative, motivated and successful people who are brilliant at what they do, and who achieve incredible things because of their dyslexia.

There is also a section from people working to support people with dyslexia, who have researched the subject or work directly helping dyslexics on a day to day basis, who they share their top tips and advice gleaned from their years of experience. Read on to gain encouragement and inspiration in your own careers!


What’s wonderful about this book is that it shows dyslexia from a range of personal perspectives. Dyslexia is not a generic experience — it’s as unique as the people who live with it on a daily basis. With this book Kathy and Kate have shown us how the perception of dyslexia has changed over time, and how those dealing with it have grown to see dyslexia as a strength rather than a weakness impacting on education. An inspiring read! — Kenny Wheeler, Senior Consultant Teacher at Driver Youth Trust

Inspiring, insightful, and practical, this is a book for everyone, dyslexic or not. — Deyan Sudjic OBE, Director Emeritus, Design Museum

A treasure box for the dyslexic mind to explore, to taste, to mull over and expand your horizon of possibilities using your gift.
I want to shout about this book to the stars and back again! — Jane Elson, children’s author and dyslexia mentor

What a beautiful and inspiring book that highlights how the many role models mentioned have channeled any challenges related to dyslexia into strength across their lives. — Lauren Brukner, MS, OTR/L, Author with Jessica Kingsley Publishers

This innovative and creatively laid out book includes stunning photographs and inspirational quotes. As a dyslexic, Eddie Izzard is one of my role models. In this book, he doesn’t shy away from challenges faced by dyslexics (e.g. the letter C) but also gives good advice about how to achieve your goals. I love the idea of being helped by your future self. — Alais Winton, JKP author and private tutor working with dyslexic children in Wales

Both inspirational and practical, this book celebrates the incredible talent that shapes our world. Hopefully it will act as a powerful reminder to us all that dyslexics and other diverse minds, must be supported and encouraged through our education system, so that the future doesn’t miss the undoubted potential that this form of creativity brings to bare on our challenges and problems. — Kate Stanners, Chairwoman & Global Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

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