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Teaching Literacy to Learners with Dyslexia: A Multisensory Approach – Second Edition

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By Kathleen Kelly & Sylvia Phillips

Published – March 2016

The second edition of this bestselling book provides a structured multi-sensory programme for teaching literacy to children and young people from 5-18 with dyslexia and other specific literacy difficulties.
Supported by a wealth of resources available online and updated throughout, the new edition now includes a brand new section on Implementing the Accelerated Programme for learners who have already acquired some literacy skills. This includes:

  • A placement test to indicate whether the programme is appropriate
  • A diagnostic assessment procedure to determine where the learner should begin on the Accelerated Programme
  • Examples of lesson plans, reading cards and spelling cards to help teachers prepare resources for their students.

With tried and tested strategies and activities this book continues to provide everything you need to help improve and develop the literacy skills of learners in your setting including;

  • the rationale for a structured multi-sensory approach
  • the development of phonological, reading, writing and spelling skills
  • working with learners who have English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • lesson structure and lesson-planning
  • alphabet and dictionary skills
  • memory work and study skills
  • teaching the programme to groups
  • ideas for working with young children.

ISBN: 9781412962186


Part I: Teaching Learners with Dyslexia: Theory and Context
Chapter 1: The Contribution of Theories of Causation to the Development of a Multisensory Teaching Programme
Chapter 2: The Role of Memory in Acquiring Literacy Skills
Chapter 3: Phonological Skills, Literacy and Dyslexia
Chapter 4: The Development of Reading Skills
Chapter 5: Spelling Development and Dyslexia
Chapter 6: Teaching Handwriting
Chapter 7: Dyslexia and Learners for whom English is an Additional Language
Part II: Conquering Literacy: A Multisensory Programme for Teaching Learners with Dyslexia – Teaching Strategies
Chapter 8: Principles, Teaching Strategies, and Programme Structure
Chapter 9: Lesson Planning
Chapter 10: Alphabet and Dictionary Work
Chapter 11: Introducing the New Teaching Point in a Lesson
Chapter 12: The Role of Memory in the Programme
Chapter 13: Study Skills within the Programme
Part III: Conquering Literacy – A Multisensory Programme
The Conquering Literacy Programme: Examples of Activities
Appendix A: Ideas for Working with Young Children
Appendix B: Teaching the Programme to Groups
Part IV: The Accelerated Programme
Section A: Conquering Literacy: Accelerated Programme and Placement Tests
Conquering Literacy: Accelerated Programme Placement Test
Conquering Literacy: Placement Test
Conquering Literacy Accelerated Programme Skills Assessment Procedure (CLAPSAP)
Section B: Implementing the Accelerated Programme
Part V: Resources

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