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Supporting Pencil Grasp Development

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By Kim Griffin

Supporting Pencil Grasp Development is a programme developed by an occupational therapist to help to develop a child’s pencil grasp and pencil control. The programme is suitable for children from three and a half to eight years of age. It is designed for children who are learning to hold a pencil and for those who need extra help to develop a functional pencil grasp.

The programme includes activities to help develop the fine motor skills needed for a functional pencil grasp and worksheets. It can be used with an individual child, with a small group or as a whole class intervention.

Supporting Pencil Grasp Development is suitable for:

  • Children from 3 ½ years of age who are developing their pencil grasp and control
  • All children aged 4-8
  • Any child that has a poorly developed pencil grasp or holds their pencil awkwardly for their age
  • A child that has poor pencil control for their age

The programme includes:

  • Background information on general grasp and pencil grasp development
  • Instructions on how to run the programme with individuals, groups or a whole class
  • Clear descriptions for each activity, including pictures in the book, or video demonstrations in the online version
  • Specific pencil grasp targets for different age groups
  • Worksheets – sample below
  • Downloadable evaluation and record keeping forms

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