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SpLD Spelling Rules. 2 Book Series.

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Photocopiable resource from Kickstart Publications

This very popular 2 book series from Kickstart Publications provides spelling rules which can be remembered and applied by the pupil during writing activities. Rules are introduced then consolidated through a wide range of activities.

Many of the worksheets start with a written spelling rule which focuses on the salient feature of the spelling pattern. It is essential that the rules be emphasised by the teacher and that examples be given. Pupils who experience difficulty with spelling generally find a measure of security in the learning of rules and the mastery of just a few of them will often increase the pupil’s confidence and improve the self-image.

Exceptions to many of the rules are highlighted. Not all exceptions are provided. In the main, work is provided for those which pupils are most likely to write.

The accommodation of some spelling rules may be helped by the pupil drawing a picture to represent the rule.

Book 1 – This covers 12 spelling rules which relate to commonly occurring errors, and include work on homophones. 71 pages.

Book 2 –  Covers 15 spelling rules and patterns including plurals, difficult endings, prefixes and suffixes. 74 pages.

Both books includes teaching notes and checklists .

Download some example pages from Spelling Rules 1 and Spelling Rules 2.


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