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Spelling Tricks for Children

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by Sally Raymond

Sally Raymond is a qualified and experienced practitioner. She has created Spelling tricks for Children to illustrate a range of useful memory prompts. She is also the author of Spelling Rules, Riddles and Remedies.


developing good spelling -memory pathways is vital to achieve rewarding spelling success. For those struggling to master the irregular, often confusing nature of English spelling, the use of fun, understandable (and adaptable) spelling tricks provides opportunities to access positive outcomes.

Full of colourful and amusing memory prompts, this book helps children avoid common spelling mistakes. Clear and enlightening pictures make spelling fun. This simple and engaging format promotes self-discovery, ownership and spelling success.

By showing where (and why) mistakes might be made, Spelling Tricks for Children helps learners understand and take possession of their own learning.

• Identify pitfalls to increase confidence and skills
• Create a personalised copy of spelling prompts
• Play an entertaining spelling game to further enhance
long-term spelling memories

This targets everyday, high-frequency English spelling errors commonly experienced by 7 to 12 year olds who find English spellings difficult to master.

“Fun, colourful and creative. I like this book very much!” Erica – 8 years old.

“Great book! It helps me learn and also remember.” Rory – 9 years old.

“My son was amazed to find learning spellings could be fun. He loved drawing the pictures for himself, then signing them! Thank you!” Tina – mother of 7 year old.

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