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Spelling Made Easy. Worksheets. 4 book series

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These photocopiable worksheets have been designed to be used in conjunction with the Spelling Made Easy textbooks. They contain fun, easy to use exercises and tests involving Sam, and other characters, to consolidate textbook work.

The introductory level corresponds with Key Stage 1. It introduces short vowel sounds, double vowel sounds, basic combinations of vowel and consonant sounds, basic consonant combinations, the silent (or ‘magic’) ‘e’, basic vowel combinations and some basic three-letter digraphs. It isolates and deals with the confusion that can occur between the consonant ‘y’ and the letter ‘u’. It incorporates initial consonant clusters. It contains teaching notes to help students acquire and reinforce control over these basic words and sounds.

Level 1 photocopiable worksheets can be used in tandem with the Level 1 Spelling Made Easy textbook to consolidate learning. The exercises, some illustrated, use Sam and his friends to provide a stimulating and interesting complementary learning aid to dictation.

The Level 2 worksheets can be used in conjunction with, or independently of the corresponding Spelling Made Easy textbook. They are photocopiable exercises which are both fun and stimulating, as they draw on the adventures of familiar characters from the Spelling Made Easy series. (Key Stage 2)

The final book, Level 3 in the Spelling Made Easy worksheet series uses articles based on history, geography and sociology, cleverly structured to be used alongside the Spelling Made Easy Level 3 textbook. The exercises provide not only a spelling test, but also offers a wide range of other information on subjects such as the telephone, the history of Britain, sport and science and comprehension exercises, making these worksheets truly multi-faceted.


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