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Sentence Tracking. 3 Book series from Kickstart Publications

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Tracking exercises have many benefits for the developing reader who is starting to develop a sight vocabulary and early word attack strategies.  The exercises in these books will help to:

  • Consolidate Left-Right eye tracking and orientation.
  • Improve visual discrimination.
  • Improve short term memory.
  • Increase the speed of word recognition.
  • Increase the awareness of sentence structure.
  • Start to develop scanning and skimming skills.

The Worksheets
The worksheets within the books are designed to teach both reading and spelling concurrently.  The words are presented in an order which allows meaningful phrases and sentences to be developed using the words previously addressed.  The worksheets follow a similar pattern throughout the series.  This ensures that pupils become familiar with the tasks and require little assistance from the teacher.  The tasks place the target word within the context of phrases or sentences, thus improving the speed of learning through meaningful use (Istomina, 1975).

The exercises place words amongst similar words to improve visual discrimination and to expose the pupil to a wide range of commonly used words.  The use of sentences in these exercises reinforce the awareness of basic sentence structure.  The word searches provide practice in finding words surrounded by random letter groups.

It is helpful to ensure that, when the pupil is copying the sentence, capital letters are always used at the beginning of a sentence and that full stops or question marks are used at the end.  Commas and speech marks are inserted for the pupil where appropriate.

Tracking procedures
Where Left-Right movement is still in the developmental stages it may be helpful to encourage the pupil to circle the target words.

Pupils often find the use of a highlighter to highlight each word with a simple line more fun because of the novelty aspect.

Mixed Up Sentences
These provide exercises which go beyond the basic skill of word recognition and sentence copying.  They will provide a more challenging activity for pupils who have mastered the sight words having completed the tracking activities without difficulty.

The exercises will help to reinforce the awareness of sentence structure and relative positions within a sentence of verbs, nouns, adjectives etc.

Sentence Tracking Book 1

Addresses the high frequency words in List 1 of the National Literacy Strategy.  The target words are embedded with other words in blocks and the pupil tracks the words to make a sentence.  Other activities include writing sentences, sorting mixed up sentences and word searches.  Includes teaching notes and a precision teaching record.  This resource provides a range of activities for teaching the spelling and reading of the words identified as the 45 most commonly used words.

These words usually play an important part in holding together the general coherence of texts and early familiarity with them will help pupils get pace and accuracy into their reading at an early stage.  Some of these words have irregular or difficult spellings and, because they play an important grammatical part, they are hard to predict from the surrounding text.

Sentence Tracking Book 2

This resource provides tracking exercises using the words identified as being used with medium frequency.  These words are identified as being appropriate for pupils in middle and upper levels in primary school.  The words are embedded with other common words designed to improve visual discrimination.  The activities will help to develop Left ~ Right orientation and scanning skills, improve word recognition, and increase reading speed.

Sentence Tracking Book 3

Provides tracking exercises using words identified as commonly used words. The words used to make the sentences are embedded in other commonly used words or words with a similar visual appearance. The activities will help to develop Left ~ Right orientation and scanning skills, improve word recognition, and increase reading speed and is suitable for middle and upper levels in primary school.


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