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Sentence Buildings – illustrates the basics of grammar, writing, and sentence structure.

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Reach inside a building to select a word for endless sentence buildings fun!

Stroll down to ‘Noun Tower’, ‘Verb Exchange’ and ‘Punctuation Point’ for a fun take on sentence construction!!
Nine durable parts-of-speech buildings contain over 300 double-sided, colour-coded word cards. Parts-of-speech include noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, conjunction, article, preposition, adverb and punctuation. Introduce a couple of buildings before using all nine to vary the level of difficulty.
9 Buildings (noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, article, conjunction, adverb, preposition, punctuation)
300 Double-sided word cardsSetup:
• Put the cards in the corresponding buildings.
• Choose parts of speech and begin building sentences.
Suggested Activities:
• Simple Sentences—Select one card each of a pronoun, verb, noun, and punctuation from the buildings. Make a simple sentence with the cards
and share with the group. Let students explore making simple sentences with the same parts of speech.
• Exciting Sentences—Set up a pronoun, verb, noun, and punctuation building. Have students select a card from each building and make a
simple sentence. Add an adjective and see how the sentence changes. Add the rest of the buildings and discover the possibilities!
• Follow the Recipe—With a small group, combine word ingredients to make a sentence recipe. For example, have students select the following
cards from the buildings: 2 nouns, 1 verb, 1 preposition, 2 articles, and 1 conjunction. Have students read their sentences aloud.
• Parts of Speech Match—Put all the cards in a pile. Have a student call out a part of speech; then, have everyone choose a card that matches.
Perform this activity for each part of speech.
• Main Street Mix-Up—Arrange any five buildings from left to right. Have students select a card from each building. Then, ask students to build a
sentence with the parts of speech in the order selected. If necessary, allow students to rearrange the parts of speech to form a clearer
sentence. Try this activity with many different setups to demonstrate the flexibility of language!

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