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Sensory Circuits

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by Jane Horwood

Children with sensory integration difficulties often struggle to engage effectively with the physical, social, emotional and curricular challenges of the school day. Behavioural clues such as fidgeting, poor concentration, excessive physical contact or overall lethargy can indicate that a child is not fully available for learning. Sensory Circuits is a fantastic new programme of physical activities that provide regular and controlled input to specific sensory-motor systems enabling children to be energised or calmed so that they can get the most out their day.

This book provides a practical guide to setting up your own daily Sensory Circuits programme. It includes information on:

• sensory integration theory and the importance of successful sensory integration

• key sensory-motor terminology to help you to understand a child’s difficulties and provide them with focused support

• sensory observation detective work to enable you to identify children who might benefit from Sensory Circuits

• how to set up a Sensory Circuit, including issues such as staffing and equipment, and a large variety of activity ideas

• the review process to ensure your Sensory Circuit remains fresh, dynamic and fun

• a variety of sensory-motor strategies to use in the classroom and beyond

• the paperwork needed to support the programme and example photocopiable resources such as review questionnaires and a target sheet

Suitable for all ages and abilities, Sensory Circuits are a fun and effective way to focus concentration in readiness for the day’s learning.

A4 64 pages.

ISBN: 9781855034716

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