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Ruby Rafa and Riz. Feel Think and Do


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By Liz Bates

Understanding the connection between our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviour can be a critical part of developing good emotional health and wellbeing for children.

The pupil book tells the stories of Ruby, Rafa and Riz as they negotiate the tricky world of feelings and thoughts through their experiences of friendship, family and loss. They learn about the connection to their behaviour and the importance of sharing how they feel and what they think.

The supporting teaching pack has extensive guidance, 6 detailed lesson plans and plenty of activities including the ‘imaginary iceberg’.

  • similarities and differences
  • we can feel differently about the same thing
  • thinking one thing and saying something else
  • why we sometimes choose to do the wrong thing
  • why it is important to tell

Ruby Rafa and Riz. Feel Think and Do is suitable for ages 6 – 11 years.

This is available as a Teacher pack with 1x Pupil book. Pupil books are also available separately. choose from the drop down below.

“I recommend this practical, engaging and easy to use resource to all adults who want to support children to develop an understanding of their emotions and how to manage them” – Principal Educational Psychologist for Birmingham

“Pupils rarely have an opportunity to discuss these things in the context of their own lives.” – Classroom teacher

“We’ve had no fall outs in Year 2 – we’ve got the data. Thank you” – Headteacher

“Everything is explained and everything is there. You can just pick it up and use it.” – Learning mentor


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