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Record Breaking Comprehension – Guinness World Records

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Bring reading comprehension sessions alive with engaging record-breaking stories

Record Breaking Comprehension is an exciting series of 4 books that uses fascinating examples of world records from The Guinness Book of World Records to engage all pupils and develop reading comprehension skills.

  • Lively, inspiring texts that pupils will want to read
  • Includes a range of text types
  • Ideal for use in class or for homework
  • Colour-coded pupil books allow for extra flexibility across abilities
Book 1 – Year 3 Green

Records Covered:
1. Deepest underwater postbox
2. Largest seashell mosaic
3. Oldest wing walker
4. Largest Sinosauropteryx fossil
5. Largest mask
6. Narrowest street
7. Most spoons balanced on the face
8. Most consecutive haircuts by a team in eight hours
9. Heaviest car balanced on the head
10. Largest orchestra playing on recycled materials
11. Most people reading aloud simultaneously – single location
12. Tallest sunflower
13. Longest tongue
14. Largest human wheelbarrow race
15. Most people skipping – single venue
16. Most forward rolls in one hour – individual
17. Fastest marathon carrying a 60-lb pack
18. Most leaves on a clover stem
19. Farthest ear sling-shot
20. Fastest crossing of the Sahara Desert by bicycle
21. Longest journey by powered paraglider
22. Largest collection of Pooh and Friends memorabilia
23. Largest museum devoted to dinosaurs
24. Most steps climbed by bicycle

Book 2 – Year 4 Red

Records Covered:
1. Most expensive painting by elephants
2. Largest egg from a living bird
3. Most rotations on a vertical rope in one minute
4. Largest coin
5. Fastest journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats by unicycle (male)
6. Longest moustache
7. Fastest time to complete the World Bog Snorkelling Triathlon (male)
8. Highest altitude reached by helium-filled party balloons
9. Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion
10. Longest time to spin a basketball on the head
11. Largest human Christmas tree
12. Youngest sword swallower
13. Longest marathon playing violin
14. Largest display of chalk pavement art
15. Most trees planted simultaneously
16. Largest playing card structure
17. Longest nose on a living person
18. Longest dancing dragon
19. Fastest time to escape from three handcuffs underwater
20. Most ballet dancers en pointe
21. Largest chopsticks
22. Most plaster casts applied in an hour – team
23. Largest wooden sculpture
24. Highest inline skate drop into a halfpipe

Book 3 – Year 5 Blue

Records Covered:
1. Most pairs in a three-legged race
2. Longest career as a weather forecaster
3. Largest bhangra dance
4. Most guide dogs trained by an organisation
5. Farthest distance limbo-skating under cars
6. Youngest male to row an ocean solo
7. Hottest chilli
8. Most skateboard nollies in 30 seconds
9. Largest hands
10. Fastest talker
11. Tallest teenager living (male)
12. Largest vertical garden (green wall)
13. Largest hairy family
14. Heaviest vehicle pulled by hair (female)
15. Largest gathering of people dressed as leprechauns
16. Most decks of playing cards memorised – single sighting
17. Largest torchlit parade
18. Longest fingernails (female) – ever
19. Shortest living woman
20. Largest drumming lesson
21. Deepest scuba dive in sea water
22. Strangest diet
23. Largest gymnastic display (female)
24. Largest atlas

Book 4 – Year 6 Purple

1. Most buildings climbed unassisted
2. Longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire
3. Most expensive fungus species
4. Largest tug-of-war tournament
5. Largest revolving restaurant
6. Longest full-body-contact ice endurance
7. Youngest film director
8. Most tattooed person
9. Longest theatrical run
10. Most pots thrown in one hour by an individual
11. Longest rail grind on a snowboard
12. Greatest distance covered in 24 hours by wheelchair
13. Largest gathering of people dressed as Mohandas Gandhi
14. First gorilla born in captivity
15. Largest matchstick model
16. Largest violin
17. Largest concentration of geysers
18. Largest photo mosaic
19. Most consecutive foot-juggling flips
20. Largest panoramic painting
21. Longest time to live with a bullet in the head
22. Longest distance run full-body burn (without oxygen)
23. Oldest sculpture
24. Largest medicinal herb garden

Book 1 – Year 3 Green
Book 2 – Year 4 Red
Book 3 – Year 5 Blue
Book 4 – Year 6 Purple


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