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Reading Explorers – A Guided Skills-Based Journey. 5 book series

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by John Murray

Reading Explorers is a 5 book series which can be purchased individually or as a set. The books provide a wide variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, which will allow children to access, interpret and understand what they are reading. They are targeted at years 2 to 6 but can obviously be used outside those groups depending on attainment levels.

What we really like about the series is the focus on developing thinking and reasoning skills and the differentiation provided which allows the less able to work to the same text as their fellow classmates but with simplified texts and additional activities.

The series will increase knowledge and understanding of why certain words are chosen by an author. They give the reader the chance to speculate on the tone and purpose of the texts, as well as consider both texts’ themes and audience.

Includes lesson plans using the original text of well-known authors.

The five thinking and reasoning skills contained in the book are:

  • Literal thinking
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Inferential skills
  • Evaluative assessment of texts
  • Study skills which promote wider independent study

Each book includes 36 lesson plans with differentiated texts at upper and lower levels of reading capability and additional activities. As at February 20120 the publisher is going through a transition period with the series. The differentiated texts which were on included CD-ROM’s are being incorporated  in to the books to solve the problem for many of mislaid CD’s. By the end of March 2020 we expect all books to come without CD’s but in the interim there may be a mix. If you have an issue with this and just want books without CD-ROM’s please email us ( to confirm.

A super time saving series…

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