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Number Rumbler

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Number Rumbler is a new card game to help develop number sense and maths fluency. It consists of a pack of 50 cards with numbers written – and drawn – in different ways. For example, 12 could be 4 4 4 or 3×4 or drawn out as twelve dots. By playing with the cards, your pupils get a better sense of how the numbers relate to one another and become more fluent when they are calculating and estimating.

How to Play

A great way to start is simply to sort the cards into families – all the 12s, all the 10s, and so on. You might also want to take out some of the cards if you’re playing with younger children – the blue division
cards, and the green cards with words on. Then you can get on to more advanced Number Rumbler games – you could use the cards to play Snap, or Pairs, or (many children’s preferred option!) make up your own game.

Awards and endorsements

Finalist in the Science Toy Awards 2016.

“This is a fun game for all the family which can be used in a number of different ways … The cards show quantities as calculations as well as dot arrays and this helps children to see relationships between the different representations and thus improve their number sense. A very simple but effective idea!”
Margaret Haseler, Primary Lead Consultant, National Numeracy

Andrew Jeffrey’s Resource of the Month, July 2016: “It really is great for developing fluency AND reasoning… Effectively it is SNAP but with ‘is equivalent’ rather than ‘is identical’ as the important criterion.”

“At last a number game for children to play with friends and family that really supports them to develop their number sense – and practice some important number facts along the way… There’s no better way to learn and practice those times tables!” Dr Alison Clark-Wilson, Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Education, and Trustee, Maths on Toast

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