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Maths Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia – Second Edition

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By Steve Chinn

A guide for teachers and parents helping children with maths difficulties. It provides tried and tested visual strategies and tailored techniques that draw on the latest research and the author’s years of experience teaching children with maths learning difficulties. Covers early number experience, times tables, measurements, percentages and more.

Written by a world authority on maths difficulties in children, this accessible guide provides tried and tested visual strategies and tailored techniques to help teachers and parents support children with SpLDs who need help with maths.

Drawing on the latest research, into areas such as cognition and meta-cognition, along with the authors’ decades of teaching experience, the book offers insight into how maths learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyscalculia and maths anxiety, make maths difficult. Each chapter looks at foundational areas of maths learning that children may struggle with, from early number experiences to basic addition and subtraction, times tables, measurement and more. Essential reading for any teacher, learning assistant or parent supporting children with maths.

Pub: Oct 2018


‘In this marvellous book Steve Chinn presents concisely and clearly knowledge and wisdom gained over many years of experience. Whilst the book is firmly based on current scientific findings the focus is on practical and effective teaching strategies. I urge all teachers of mathematics to read it.’
– Robin Moseley MA MSc OBE

‘Another superb book from Steve Chinn – using his many years of experience Steve delivers a book that will be essential reading for all teachers. Maths can be a troublesome subject for many and seemingly insurmountable for those with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Steve Chinn provides insightful strategies and contextualised approaches based on the latest evidence based research in a straightforward and ‘easy to read’ manner. The educational sector owes much to Steve Chinn and this book is testimony to that.’
Dr. Gavin Reid, Practitioner, Psychologist and Author

‘This book answers the question, ‘If they can’t learn Maths the way you teach, can you teach the way they learn?’ Providing clear, practical activities, based on huge experience and expertise, this is teaching genius. Essential reading for all teachers.’
Dr. Kate Saunders, Dyslexia/SpLD Specialist Teacher, previously CEO British Dyslexia Association

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