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I Learn by Doing

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By Lidia Stanton

I Learn by Doing is a fun comic book take on a ‘whodunnit’ story and a platform for introducing children to multisensory strategies for learning spellings, directions, days of the week, months of the year and other sequences that have to be recalled in order. Ages 6-10.

Learners (aged 6-10) can read the book independently or with help . Additional explanatory pages (“Did you know?” and “Things you can try out”) assist in understanding what multisensory learning is and why it works. Practical suggestions extend to difficult homework situations – in which many learners often feel frustrated – to enable them to experience success and enjoy learning.

‘I learn by doing’ is a particularly useful tool for children with dyslexia and ADHD. It validates their perception that some seemingly easy everyday school things can in fact be very difficult. The book offers young readers a solution. It reveals how play – something they engage in every day – can be a powerful learning strategy, and shows how to master a newly acquired skill by practice (overlearning).


Lidia Stanton is a teacher, study skills tutor, dyslexia specialist, psychologist and linguist. She has taught literacy and study skills to young and older children, college and university students, and adults in the workplace. Lidia enjoys writing on the subjects of psychology, education and dyslexia, and has been named a Quora Top Writer for 2016. Her ideas have been published in Times, Forbes, Quartz, Medical Daily, IB Times and The Independent.

ISBN: 9781725095670
Pub: 2018

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