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GEOGO! – The Map Skills Boardgame

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Map reading skills are a vital part of the KS3 and CE geography syllabus and are also a great life skill. However, learning about maps in the classroom can be a rather ‘dry’ experience, but not any longer!

Oaka have teamed up with Ordnance Survey to produce Geogo!, the map skills game that combines map reading skills with geography knowledge in a fun, competitive game. Designed by Simon Lewis, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Head of Geography at St. Andrew’s School (Woking) and the ISEB’s Geography Editor and Geography Setting Team Leader, you can be sure that Geogo! includes all the map reading skills needed for CE and KS3 geography.

Simon is a keen advocate of kinaesthetic learning, (especially games) and strongly supports engaging with our environments and bringing the real world into the classroom.

Geogo! brings map extracts to life in this board game for up to 4 players (8 if working in pairs) racing to win knowledge skill jigsaw pieces before making the charge back to OS headquarters to win the game!

Our testing teams were asked if they thought the game would help with their map skills revision? ‘Definitely’ was the answer. Need we say more?

Including four different map extracts (Liverpool, Hereford, Mumbles and Aviemore), Geogo! gives players the chance to use 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps covering urban, rural, coastal and mountainous terrain.

There are 240 questions (60 questions for each map) covering:

Grid References
Land use

What a great quality boardgame. This will be a great way to engage students in map skills and revision.’ Mrs Skerratt, geography teacher.

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