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The Early Handwriting Toolkit: Activities for Developing Motor & Perceptual Skills

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By Shelagh Blyth

Step-by-step activities to improve muscle strength, visual perception & hand skills.

Handwriting is a complex skill and the hand does not fully develop until around the age of 6. If a hand is not physically ready to write the child can suffer both physical pain and emotional frustration. In later life poor handwriting can lead to lower exam grades and affect self-esteem.

This step-by-step guide will help develop the skills needed for letter formation and legibility with activities that develop muscle strength, visual perception and hand skills.

Created by an OT and designed for easy use by teachers and TA’s, this invaluable resource covers: Body stability; Hand control; Fine motor skills; Sensory motor control; Pencil grip and Paper position.

192pp A4 paperback CDRom
ISBN 9781906531676

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