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Coloured Monitor Overlays

£4.99£6.99 exc. VAT

Coloured monitor overlays are a simple solution for reducing eyestrain and glare – they lie flat against the screen and the monitor frame and the static keep them in place. If for any reason they slip off, all our monitor overlays are now supplied with four clear adhesive patches.

The colours can be combined to create deeper or mixed tints. The overlays can be cut down to fit your screen size.

Overlays are a proven, research-based solution to the visual stress problems that often occur alongside dyslexia. Overlays can increase reading speed by 25% or more for people who suffer from visual stress. Our range accurately meets the criteria recommended by top visual scientists and optometrists. Visual stress occurs in about 35% of people with dyslexia, so while all weak readers should be assessed for visual stress, not everyone with dyslexia will necessarily benefit from coloured overlays.

On the computer monitor screen you can often change the background colour in system preferences, rarely can you change the background colour of a web page.

One side of the overlay has a matt coating. Some matt coatings can reduce transparency, but these coloured overlays have been subjected to stringent testing to ensure that maximum print clarity is retained while reflected light from the overlay surface has been significantly reduced. Nevertheless, some people prefer using the gloss side of the overlay.

It is helpful to assess for optimum colour first using our Visual Stress Assessment Pack, as different people find different colours work best for them.

To fit screen sizes:

  • 17″ (269 x 337 mm)
  • 19″ (300 x 374 mm)
  • 21.5″ (268 x 476″ mm) wide-screen
  • 23″ (287 x 510 mm) wide-screen – this size has been discontinued. We have limited stocks of some colours. they have been replaced by
  • 24″  (299 x 529mm) wide-screen – like all other sizes these can be cut down to smaller sizes using a guillotine or scissors.

Available individually. Select from the drop down list below for the option you require.

*Please note the colours shown in the pictures may not be an exact representation of the colour in real life.

Catalogue codes CROVMO17, CROVMO19, CROVMO215, CROVMO23, CRM024


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