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Big Book of Blob Trees

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by Pip Wilson & Ian Long

This unique collection of Blob trees with all its various Blob characters is a fabulous way of opening up discussions about feelings and developing the understanding of emotions, empathy and self-awareness. The different trees show different scenarios that individuals or groups may experience personally. The book comes with guidance and suggested questions such as:

  • Which Blob do you feel like?
  • Find a Blob that interests you.
  • Which Blob confuses you?
  • Which Blob annoys you the most? Why?

The Blobs can also be used in a less personal way so you ask which blob is happy, why do you think he is happy and discussion can evolve that way indirectly. This resource can be used with individuals or groups.

50 different blob trees to explore feelings.

Age: 3

136 pages, A4

ISBN: 9780863887550
Published: Mar 2009


“A delightfully creative way to encourage and promote discussion; the lovable Blobs encourage children, young people and adults alike before long meaningful discussions are taking place. As a practitioner they have proved invaluable in engaging others, less willing to talk about feelings, to speculate about what these androgynous ambiguous Blobs might be up to or may be feeling; as a human being they are simply intriguing, each Blob can be attributed to different circumstances every time you see them, dependant on your own moods and emotions at any given time.”
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