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Beating Bureaucracy in Special Educational Needs: Helping SENCOs maintain a work/life balance

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By Jean Gross

New 3rd Edition

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that SEN generates in your school?

Would you like to spend more time actually improving the quality of teaching and learning for pupils with SEN or disabilities?

If so, this is an essential book for you.

Fully revised and updated for the 2014 SEN Code of Practice, this new edition contains strategies for reducing the number of individual education plans and review meetings. Beating Bureaucracy in Special Educational Needs will help you to use existing systems for target setting, recording and planning – personalised systems that are used for all children as part of everyday teaching practices. It lists the intervention programmes that really work and showcases the work of four schools that have successfully developed ways of planning provision, working with parents, and supporting staff development. Ready-to-use proforma in the book are also available online, and include

a model policy for Ofsted;
strategy sheets for all main types of SEN;
provision maps and proformas to help you plan, monitor and evaluate your provision
Beating Bureaucracy in Special Educational Needs will provide support for school leaders, SENCOs and anyone undertaking the national SENCO award. A practical and engaging guide, this new and updated edition shows how to put responsibility for supporting children with most types of additional need firmly back where it belongs – with class and subject teachers. It will help you – in the words of one SENCO – ‘get your life back’.

Table of Contents


1. The SEN paperchase

2. Case studies

3. Doing SEN differently

4. Setting targets and monitoring progress

5. Achieving targets: adaptations to everyday classroom teaching

6. Achieving targets: mapping additional provision

7. Working in partnership: parents, pupils and outside agencies

8. Making the change

Beating bureaucracy toolkit


ISBN: 9781138891715
Pub: May 2015

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