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100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Numeracy Difficulties and Dyscalculia

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By Patricia Babtie

By one of the authors of the benchmark titles The Dyscalculia Assessment and The Dyscalculia Solution.

100 ideas for Supporting Children with Dyscalculia provides specially-designed games and activities to help build firm foundations in basic number concepts.

All the games and activities:

– have been tried-and-tested in specialist and mainstream schools
– are designed to encourage children to talk about numbers in a natural way
– will help build a positive attitude to numbers

The book begins with a focus on counting skills, before moving on to place value structure, multiplication and division. The aim is to teach understanding and key facts so that pupils will become flexible thinkers who can use numbers to solve a variety of mathematical problems. The ideas in the book require minimum preparation and resources, and are perfect for use in mainstream and specialist classrooms, individual tuition sessions or as homework assignments.

“100 ideas for Primary Teachers: Numeracy Difficulties and Dyscalculia is rather more than its title implies. The activities can stand alone if the practice of a concept is needed but it is also a structured, cumulative guide to teaching children the basic underlying skills needed to develop a maths sense and ability, and enable them to reason. The activities are concrete and multisensory, particularly the early section on developing visual perception and directional language. It is an invaluable resource to use alongside maths teaching.” – Sue Wolfe, Primary Teacher

“This is an excellent book for all teachers of mathematics, from the earliest stages up until the point where children learn to use formal methods of calculations. This book is set out clearly and sequentially so that, as well as demonstrating the importance of foundation skills in maths, when you know what difficulties a child is experiencing you can go straight to the part of the book that will give you ideas in how to address them. This book isn’t just a book for teachers of children who are struggling with maths, this book is for everyone.” – Nancy Gedge, Consultant Teacher

ISBN: 9781441169730
Pub: May 2017

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