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News from Cambridge House

The nights have drawn in, Christmas is not far away and thoughts are already turning to those New Year celebrations. For us at Cambridge House, October and November are two of our busiest months of the year  and we are just beginning to think about drawing breath and looking forward to that short break before the year starts again in January.

In recent months many new resources have been launched and we have been busy selecting what we think works best and taking sounding from colleagues in schools as to what works and what doesn’t. If it does it will be on the website, if doesn’t it will not be! You can find what has made it here.

We are also looking forward to the Dyslexia Show which is being held for the very first time at the NEC in Birmingham in March 2020. It should prove to be very good as we know many dyslexia and SEN stalwarts will be there exhibiting and speaking. You can book now.

Before that we shall be in London in February exhibiting at another cracking good conference from the British Dyslexia Association on Good Practice in Dyslexia and Literacy. The BDA always attract world-class speakers and these conferences are always popular. We suggest you get your booking in soon as it is likely to be over subscribed. More information here.

We’ll have a new government soon and hopefully as a result of all the promises being traded some additional education and SEND spending, so here’s to 2020.

As we start the new academic year not only are we refreshed by the long summer break but paradoxically by an exhausting day at the Bell House Dyslexia Fair in Dulwich, South London last weekend.

What was refreshing to see how a small band of hugely enthusiastic and capable volunteers are creating an island of excellence and are so visibly making a difference to a community. Recognition of this must be their ability to get the head of the British Dyslexia Association, Helen Boden to come out to what is not the most accessible of locations on a hot Saturday afternoon to speak. We ll done Bell House and well done Helen Boden.

But for us it wasn’t just the organisers and the speakers who refreshed us. It was all the hundreds of parents and kids who attended and many of whom we spoke to who are on a journey. Many of them have only just started that journey and others are quite a way along it but all of them were wanting to pick brains and search out information on their particular learning difference. And all, almost exclusively, seeing it as just that word, difference, and not another similar word, difficulty. Difference as in opportunity and not difficulty as in problem.


As the summer of 2019 begins to wind down we are winding up for the start of the new academic year. Refreshed and raring to go we are looking forward to a great year ahead. There are new products to launch and conferences and exhibitions to plan for and most importantly a new website to launch.

We are constantly amazed at the creativity out there. Our mail regularly contains new book and product ideas and although we only re-sell other publishers and manufacturers products we are always ready to take a look at these ideas and pass on our recommendations as to who to approach to get them fulfilled.

The political and economic backdrop might be uncertain but we are going in to these last few months of 2019 and the prospect of 2020 with huge enthusiasm and expecatation of further great things. Our business is growing and there is only one person we can thank for that – you, the customer. Thank you!

We were in Manchester in early May for the first ever TES SEN Show North. The Islington version of the show has been a fixture on the SEN circuit for many, many years but its location in London has meant that many have been unable to attend. MA Exhibitions who took over management of the London show a couple of years ago bravely decided to take the show to the north and we were very proud to be part of this launch. While the numbers of attendees were perhaps lower than hoped, one explanation being SATS the following week, we met many delegates and were able to show off our wide range of practical resources.

Sue Smits of Morrells Handwriting joined us for the Friday and was much in demand demonstrating her range of handwriting books which we stock. Sue has been very influential in the handwriting community and has been much involved recently with the DfE at a ministerial level in efforts to change and build the curriculum around the teaching of this critical skill.

Exhibitions and conferences

We will be at:

  • 6 February 2020 – Good Practice in Dyslexia and Literacy – British Dyslexia Association – Kensington, London – BDA events
  • 20-21 March 2020 – Dyslexia Show – NEC Birmingham –
  • 25 April 2020 – PATOSS Annual Conference – 30th Anniversary! – Imperial College, London
  • 18 June 2020 – Maths/Dyscalculia Conference – British Dyslexia Association – Kensington, London – more information nearer the time.

We also attend a large number of smaller international, national and more local events organised by other special needs organisations, local dyslexia associations, education authorities, SENCO hubs, schools and others. If you would like us to come please get in touch. The email address is