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TES SEN Show North and Morrells Handwriting

We were in Manchester in early May for the first ever TES SEN Show North. The Islington version of the show has been a fixture on the SEN circuit for many, many years but its location in London has meant that many have been unable to attend. MA Exhibitions who took over management of the London show a couple of years ago bravely decided to take the show to the north and we were very proud to be part of this launch. While the numbers of attendees were perhaps lower than hoped, one explanation being SATS the following week, we met many delegates and were able to show off our wide range of practical resources.

Sue Smits of Morrells Handwriting joined us for the Friday and was much in demand demonstrating her range of handwriting books which we stock. Sue has been very influential in the handwriting community and has been much involved recently with the DfE at a ministerial level in efforts to change and build the curriculum around the teaching of this critical skill.

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