Writing Skills by Diana Hanbury King.

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Good writers are good thinkers

This set of 4 books and Teacher’s Handbook is a comprehensive writing programme for beginning, struggling, at risk or reluctant writers. This structured and extremely popular programme provides an essential foundation in thinking and writing skills. It effectively helps educators teach essential skills in careful order, from parts of speech, to sentence structure, to paragraphs, to complete essays.

For proficient and advanced writers it offers strategies, techniques and opportunities to apply them.

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Writing Skills is designed as a structured, comprehensive program for teaching the composition, grammar, and transcription skills necessary for effective writing. The series spans Years 3-13, KS2-4 and can be used in a variety of classroom settings. As a beginning writing program, Writing Skills provides step-by-step instruction in the foundational skills needed by students to become good writers, including grammar, sentence structure, paragraph composition, mechanics and usage, and transcription. For students with learning difficulties,
reluctant writers, or at-risk students, Writing Skills helps build fluency and confidence and provides a variety of strategies and opportunities to apply them.

Each book includes:

  • a variety of strategies for organizing and prewriting, allowing students to record their thoughts and ideas before they begin writing
  • Grammar and usage exercises integrated into writing instruction to help students write more efficiently and effectively
  • Writing concepts illustrated by rules, examples, and model sentences, paragraphs, and essays to enhance understanding
  • Carefully structured lessons that move students from simpler tasks such as sentence and paragraph writing to more complex essays
  • High-utility writing forms and genres including letters, expository essays, outlining, summaries, and more
  • Instruction closely aligned with state and national standards, giving struggling and reluctant writers the strategies they need to be successful in the general classroom

Skills Addressed

Book A – year 3-5

  • Sentences, Nouns and verbs, Adjectives and adverbs, Kinds of sentences, Prewriting, Basic paragraph structure, Types of writing, Answering short-answer and test questions, Friendly and formal letters, Revising and editing, Writing from prompts

Book 1 – year 6-7

  • Planning and prewriting, Sentence structure and variety, Grammar for writing, Basic paragraph structure, Expanding paragraphs, Audience and purpose, Types of writing, Essays, Editing and revising, Writing from prompts

Book 2 – year 8-9

  • Planning and prewriting, Sentence structure and variety, Grammar for writing, Basic paragraph structure, Expanding paragraphs, Audience and purpose, Types of writing, Summarizing, Essays, Editing and revising, Writing from prompts

Book 3 – year 10-13

  • Sentence structure, Expanding sentences, Advanced grammar for writing, Prewriting and making lists, Basic paragraph structure, Expanding paragraphs, Types of writing, Outlining, Essays, Editing and Revising

Teacher’s Handbook

  • Explanations of how to teach writing through explicit instruction, models, and samples of student writing at various stages
  • Detailed explanation of the proofreading and revising process and tips on how to help students revise their writing
  • Writing prompts and activities organized by grade and genre, allowing for differentiated instruction
  • Discussion of state and national standards and how to help students meet those standards in the general classroom
  • Instructional guidelines for teaching spelling, spelling generalizations, and how to address spelling within the larger context of writing instruction
  • Detailed instructions for transcription including proper cursive letter formation with verbal cues, proper grip and positioning, and keyboarding
  • Reproducible assignment sheets, reference information, and planning tools for enhanced practice and instruction

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