The Ultimate Guide to Differentiation – Achieving Excellence for All

Product code: 9781472948960

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By Sue Cowley

The ultimate guide to differentiation in early years, schools and further education settings by Sue Cowley, bestselling author of Getting the Buggers to Behave. It offers over 90 practical and time-saving strategies for effective differentiation in every classroom.

The Ultimate Guide to Differentiation demonstrates how teachers already differentiate much of the time, in subtle and creative ways. Sue Cowley shows that we need to understand, acknowledge and celebrate the variety of approaches that teachers already use to differentiate, as well as helping them to develop additional strategies. The book takes the reader through the different methods and approaches to differentiation, providing a step-by-step guide to each. It is broken down into five core areas – planning, resources, learners, teaching and assessment – and readers can dip in and out to find strategies as and when they need them.

Written in Sue’s much loved realistic, honest and practical style, The Ultimate Guide to Differentiation will help teachers, practitioners and support staff to feel confident that they are meeting the needs of every learner.

ISBN: 9781472948960
Pub: 03/2018


“Sue Cowley has done a tremendous job. This book is comprehensive, balanced, eminently sensible and written with Sue’s customary flair and warmth. It emphasises that effective differentiation is as much about relationships, awareness and understanding of each individual learner as it is about grand strategies. Sue offers numerous practical suggestions for how this understanding can be built and successful learning secured.” – Jill Berry, leadership consultant and former headteacher

“Differentiation is not just a word; it’s being a thoughtful and reactive teacher and making evidence-based, rational decisions. Sue Cowley manages to develop practical ideas, rooted in classroom reality, that stimulate thinking about children and their needs in an investigative process of constant reflection and refinement.” – Chris Chivers, university tutor, consultant, blogger and former primary headteacher