Tall Tales to Invest in Vocab

Product code: STTTIV

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By Kim Merry

A fun and very useful photocopiable resource to learn, reinforce and embed vocabulary. Essential for anyone serious about teaching vocabulary in year 5 and above.

12 short quirky stories based on true stories sourced from newspapers and the internet from ‘Angry Cat Crashes the Car’ to ‘Footballing Fish’ provide rich material for developing vocabulary and non-literal language.

For example, ‘A schoolboy was shocked when he had to fork out 10 pence to take his hamster on a bus. Jordan Underwood, had already paid 55 pence for his own fare, and couldn’t comprehend it when he had to cough up for his pet too!

180 pages of stories, quizzes, odd one out, matching opposites, sentence completion, crosswords, word searches and other activities to provide plenty of practice. The simple repetitive nature of the exercises make it difficult to not succeed.

Invaluable for teachers and TAs and ideal for home learning opportunities.