Story Writing Scaffolds- Year 1-6

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A must-have for every teacher who wants to improve the writing skills of their pupils. This programme teaches children how to plan and write stories in a variety of genres, while also incorporating specific grammar, vocabulary and writing features.

Year 1 & Year 2 packs – 

A whole year’s worth of story-writing ideas and activities, which are photocopiable and differentiated. Very comprehensive – a whole year’s programme of work, Trialled and tested in schools with outstanding success. Includes speaking and listening activities.

The Year 1 and Year 2 pack each consist of a pack containing a Teachers’ Guide and six full colour exemplar storybooks.

Year 1 storybooks – Family life stories, School life stories, Traditional tales, Playscripts, Fantasy stories, Animal Stories.

Year 2 storybooks – Family life stories, Friendship stories, Traditional fairy tales, Indian tales, Humorous stories, Adventure stories

The Teachers guides contains: Background information about each genre; guidance for teachers on possible questions to ask and discussion ideas after reading each exemplar storybook; three photocopiable activity sheets to follow up the reading of the story; a wealth of further speaking, listening and writing ideas; photocopiable, differentiated story scaffolds; photocopiable, differentiated word banks.

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Teacher’s Guide and Teacher’s Resource Book each available seperately

Each Teacher’s Guide includes:

  • background information on each genre;
  • exemplar stories, annotated to demonstrate the grammar, punctuation and writing techniques used;
  • guidance on teaching specific grammar and punctuation skills;
  • notes and tips to impart to children on how to write in a particular genre.

Genres covered:

Year 3 –

Year 4 – Historical stories, Adventure stories, Play scripts, Family stories, Fantasy stories, Science fiction stories, Horror stories, Stories that raise issues, Bahamian stories, Maori stories.

Year 5 – Animal stories, Sports stories, Magic stories, Play scripts, Traditional stories, Science fiction, Fables from other cultures, Stories from other cultures, Stories in a letter format.

Year 6 – Pirate stories in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson, Detective stories, Mystery and ghost stories, Adventure stories, Humorous stories, Traditional fairy tales, Science fiction stories, Fantasy stories, Historical stories, School-life stories in the style of Jacqueline Wilson, Greek myths, School-life stories in the style of Gillian Cross, African tales.

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