Spot on with Numbers – Pegs and Boards

Product code: SPON01

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Spot On With Numbers is an exciting new product to help promote number sense in children and teaching for mastery in maths.

It helps develop children’s fluency by promoting their ability to subitise and explore physical manipulations of numbers before doing them mentally. Spot On With Numbers also allows children the opportunity to explore a variety of different representations, enabling them to make links, see connections and develop mathematical reasoning. This is a fun, easy to use resource. It can be used in the early years of education where children learn through play and later to model calculations. Through the years, children can explore patterns and work at their own pace on all end of year learning objectives for whole numbers to 100.

Some of its greatest strengths as a concrete and pictorial learning tool are that Spot On:

  • Links to the fingers as well as other familiar dot patterns and highlights the links between numbers
  • Displays numbers in a highly visual format
  • Encourages children to subitise and not rely on enumerating, but instead on number facts
  • Gives children the opportunity to explore the fascinating patterns in numbers
  • Enables children to physically decompose and manipulate numbers, preparing them to be able to perform this task mentally
  • Allows children to discover and make sense of number through play.

Available in a handy plastic box that includes ten 4x4cm wooden blocks and approximately 250 pegs (in a range of 10 colours).