Spelling Made Easy. Level 3 Textbook. Key Stage 2

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Level 3 corresponds with the latter stages of Key Stage 2. It is intended for children in their final year of primary school. It aims to extend spelling skills into vocabulary which will be met at secondary school. It combines word families met at earlier levels, with unknown words, thus moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar.

Throughout this level, students should be constantly reminded that new words can easily be accommodated if two rules are heeded:

(a) Look for the familiar word family, or families, within the new word;
(b) Decide which is the tricky part and think about it.

Level 3 also introduces more advanced writing skills. Students are invited to write articles, reports and letters up to a maximum number of words. It encourages writing in a way that conveys the maximum meaning through the logical presentation of thought and the appropriate choice of words – skills that will prove of inestimable value at secondary school and in adult life.

The final book in the Spelling Made Easy textbook series, Level 3 guides the student through the final part of Key Stage 2 and prepares him/her for secondary school level work. The familiar word list layout continues, and this book introduces a more sophisticated spelling test dictation, in the form of comic or interesting ‘news’ articles.