Spelling Made Easy. Level 1 Text Book (Sam and the Tramp). Key Stage 1 & 2

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Level 1 corresponds with Key Stages 1 and 2 (or a spelling age of 7-9 years). It reinforces and builds upon the areas covered in the introductory level, introduces more complicated three-and four-letter digraphs, in the SME spirit of building confidence and keeping trouble apart. Again, extensive teaching notes are provided, making greater use of dictation and finger-tracing than in the introductory level.

Level 1, the second book in the Spelling Made Easy series continues the work of the first, effortlessly taking the student into Key Stage 2. The structure and layout is the same, but the content deals with more sophisticated word groups, and Sam makes a new friend in ‘the tramp’. This title now includes a National Literacy Strategy Index.