Overcoming Difficulties with Number. Ronit Bird

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In writing this practical book, Ronit Bird draws on her teaching and training experience to create teaching plans for key numeracy topics aimed at those working with students aged 9-16.
She provides detailed strategies for teaching numeracy skills through a progression of practical activities and visualisation techniques which build the self-esteem of students who need extra help and give them a basic foundation in number. While the plans cover the National Numeracy Strategy, they can also be used in any setting where maths is being taught.

Topics covered include:

– games and puzzles for learning number components

– bridging

– multiplication

– division

– reasoning strategies

A bank of accompanying resources, games, activities and Su-Doku puzzles is available for the reader to download from the SAGE website. [What happened to the idea of including a CD?]

This is an ideal resource for both class teachers and maths subject teachers, , and is equally useful for teaching assistants and learning support assistants