On the Map – The global locations game

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We should all know our way around the world!

Now endorsed by the ISEB, ‘On The Map’ will help your child learn the essential global locations required for Common Entrance and KS3 geography in a fun way. But exams aside, this is a fun way to make sure your child has some basic global knowledge.

The game uses questions specific to the syllabus, designed to help you visualise the world map and brush up your Geographical knowledge. You can also use the Question Cards for a Quick Fire Quiz – see who can answer the most in 60 seconds!

On The Map includes:

  • continents
  • key countries
  • capitals
  • mountain ranges
  • rivers
  • deserts as well as the Equator
  • Prime Meridian and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Test yourself on the UK & Europe and then flip the game board over and take a trip around The Rest of the World. Two games for the price of one and the only Geographical game for the current CE syllabus that we know of.