More Trouble with Maths. A Complete Manual to Identifying and Diagnosing Mathematical Difficulties, 2nd Edition

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By Steve Chinn

This highly practical and relevant resource is a crucial resource for anyone who wants to accurately and effectively identify the depth and nature of mathematical learning difficulties and dyscalculia.

More Trouble with Maths acknowledges that there are many reasons why children and adults are unable to function mathematically. Difficulties include problems with rote learning basic facts and procedures, debilitating anxiety, poor working and short-term memories and mathematics vocabulary. Central to this new edition is a range of standardised tests and diagnostic activities, including a 15 minute test of basic mathematics, a thinking style test, tests of basic fact retrieval and maths anxiety. Guiding the reader in the interpretation of tests, this new edition shows how identifying the barriers to learning is the first step in a programme of intervention. Written in an engaging and user-friendly style, Steve Chinn draws on his extensive experience and expertise to:

  • show how to consider and appraise the many factors relating to mathematical learning difficulties
  • explain how these factors can be investigated
  • explore their impact on learning mathematics.

Emphasising the need for a clinical approach when assessing individuals, this book shows how diagnosis and assessment can become integrated into everyday teaching.

ISBN: 9781138187504
Pub: July 2016

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Maggie Snowling 1. Introduction – Dyscalculia 2. Diagnosis, assessment and teaching. 3. The Dyscalculia Checklist 4. Starting the assessment/diagnosis 5. Short term memory and working memory 6. Tests of basic facts 7. Mathematics anxiety 8. The 15 minute norm-referenced mathematics test: Basic computations and algebra designed to compare performances (norm referenced for 7years to 59 years) 9. Errors and the 15 Minute Mathematics Test 10. Cognitive (thinking) style 11. Estimation: A key life skill used to develop more confidence with mathematics 12. Mathematics vocabulary and word problems 13. Criterion-referenced (formative) tests: Focusing on identified problems and showing how to build ongoing diagnosis into teaching 14. Speed of working. The implications of ‘doing mathematics’ quickly 15. Two Sample Reports Appendix 1 A Sample ‘Teacher Observations’ Pro-forma Appendix 2 A Pre-assessment Pro-forma for Parents/Carers Appendix 3 Schools, Colleges, institutions and individuals who provided data for the norm-referenced tests in Chapters 6 and 8 References Index

About the author

Steve Chinn is a Visiting Professor at the University of Derby and is also author of The Trouble with Maths, third edition and editor of The Routledge International Handbook of Dyscalculia and Mathematical Learning Difficulties.

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