Memory Magic

Product code: 9781874534464

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By Janie Booth

An exciting resource for teachers and therapists to assess working memory and develop memory skills with children at Key Stages 1 – 3. Working memory and memory skills are crucial for both language development and learning. This programme consists of 63 fun packed and graded activities which are divided into 7 “Magic Tricks” that help children discover how to support their working memory and learning:

  • Focus
  • Rehearse
  • Group
  • Picture It
  • Map
  • Link
  • Your Spell

Memory Magic provides:

  • a brief introduction to working memory
  • quick assessments which help to identify whether the child’s language and learning are being affected by language processing or working memory difficulties
  • colourful and fun packed worksheets provide many different activities to help develop memory skills
  • advice about classroom support

The manual contains: a discussion of Memory, Advice to teachers and therapists, the Assessment, Handouts for teachers and parents with instructions on how to perform the activities as well as Thumbnails of all the Worksheets.

The CD-ROM provides the Assessment together with the relevant pictures, Worksheets containing over 600 pictures in both colour and black and white and the handouts to enable teachers and therapists to print out as many as they need as they use this invaluable resource over and over again!

ISBN 9781874534464
First published in 1999.