Making Maths Visual and Tactile

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by Judy Hornigold

Learn how to teach maths in a visual and tactile way  and read about the various types of manipulatives for teaching early number skills. Illustrated guide.

Judy Hornigold draws on her teaching and training experience to set out over 50 games and activities that can help build confidence in the all important early numeracy skills.

Provides detailed strategies for teaching numeracy skills through a progression of practical activities and visualisation techniques which build the self-esteem of students who need extra help and give them a basic foundation in number.

Topics covered include:

  • using counters and cubes
  • dice and dot pattern games
  • five and ten frames
  • playing with playing cards
  • base ten materials
  • using Cuisenaire rods, numicon, pattern blocks and virtual manipulatives

This is an ideal resource for both class teachers and maths teachers and is equally useful for learning support assistants working with small groups.

Published: January 2017


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