The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – A Graphic Revision Guide

Product code: 9781783172764

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This Graphic Revision Guide for The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is an essential tool for anyone studying this book for GCSE English Literature. It contains comic-style sheets, especially tailored to strengthen the student’s understanding of plot, characters, quotes, themes and more; through using them, learning and revising this iconic novella will become an easier and more enjoyable experience. Students with learning difficulties will find it particularly beneficial.

In this book you will find:

• the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde re-told in comic (graphic) form, making it easy to follow the plot
• context pages, giving background information on Victorian London, Robert Louis Stevenson and Gothic Fiction
• character pages for each of the main characters, including quotes from the book
• theme pages for the key themes of the book – reputation, science, good and evil, religion, city life, friendship – with relevant quotations for each
• additional graphic reference material to help with the setting and plot to life
• activity pages ranging from vocabulary lists and matching the quote to the picture to character and quote analysis maps.

The sheets are designed to be accessible to students with a range of learning difficulties through the use of:

• a heavy focus on visuals to help students to remember, understand, get interested in and create associations to the text
• simple language for greater accessibility
• a focus on vocabulary – explaining and rephrasing tricky words
• a focus on plot comprehension; chapter summaries are condensed to include key events, and are image-based to help students remember what happened and consolidate a full picture of the plot
• key quotes are repeated and linked to characters and themes.

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