Inference Activities

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By David Newman

The inferencing activities workbook is an easy to follow manual that has been designed to engage with high interest scenarios. Each scenario contains several questions which cleverly prompt thinking and problem solving skills. The inference activities workbook is appropriate for any child who wishes to improve their reading comprehension skills.

The book is ordered into individual chapters for students work through at their own pace. This comprehensive program assures active participation. After reading a scenario, students are prompted to look beyond surface details in the text and find the hidden meaning. This requires use of inferencing ability, an essential reading comprehension skill.

The activities feature six sections:

  • Section 1: Inference from Pictures and Text
  • Section 2: Sentence level inference
  • Section 3: Paragraph level inference (Non-fiction)
  • Section 4: Paragraph Level inference (Fiction)
  • Section 5: Text Level Inference (Non-fiction)
  • Section 6: Text Level Inference (Fiction)

In this 118 page book there are:

  • Inference activities featuring pictures and text with unique illustrations hand drawn by the author.
  • Inference activities at sentence level – featuring time, location, what, who, and why questions.
  • 100 paragraph level non-fiction scenarios with over 200 questions.
  • 100 paragraph level fiction scenarios with over 200 questions.
  • Extensive answer section in the appendix.

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