Help Your Kids with Study Skills

Product code: 9780241225981

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By Carol Vorderman

Targeted at parents and children this book will also aid teachers and tutors to help pupils acquire study skills.

It is very visual and colourfully illustrated to enhance curriculum learning and build confidence in gathering knowledge, recalling from memory, creating study plans, and managing stress. It will guide you through revision techniques, online study, and handling anxiety, all the way to the big exam questions. Clear, accessible guidelines ensure that homework is no longer a struggle, helping to develop real world skills for lifelong learning.

A useful and accessible guide for frustrated children and confused adults to unlock academic achievement.

Pub: 2016
ISBN: 9780241225981


Am using this with a group of teenage learners – it’s great for them Explanations are clear and simple with brilliant visuals. Seems to be the same as ‘help your kids with English’ but with a new title. Does the job and does it well.

Great book,well laid out and interesting to read.
It is a must for parents who would like to give their kids a strong foundation for the future and thus a level of confidence studying.