Fun with Phonics. Level 2 (orange).

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Level 2 corresponds with Key Stage 2 and is aimed at extending spelling skills by:

(a) Drawing attention to families within families (e.g. ‘dge’ words within short vowel groups);
(b) Developing the ability to deal with the tricky parts of words;
(c) Introducing and reinforcing common spelling rules;
(d) Developing the confidence to deal with multi-syllabic words; and
(e) Extending written vocabulary.

Fun with Phonics comprises four workbooks by Violet Brand and Katy Brand. Each book is colour-coded to match existing Spelling Made Easy textbooks and worksheets. The four pages of interesting and stimulating exercises follow the SME sequence exactly and feature between two and five word families per section. Included are passages for reading aloud, reading comprehension tests, word searches, crosswords and much more. They are fully photocopiable. Field tests have shown that for pupils they put the fun into phonics! Finally, for the Introductory and Level 1 books Violet has produced a completely new Sam story for pupils who have reached the end of the Level 1 text book – Violet’s first new publication for over 10 years!