Flexitables – Flexible, Tactile Numeracy Charts for Teaching Times Tables, Addition, Subtraction …

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Flexitables are a range of innovative flexible number grids, each type of grid has a printed face displaying either times tables, decimals, fractions or percentages. These ‘flexible tables’ are ideal teaching aids, which can help children see patterns in the numbers, and manipulate the table to make maths fun.

They are no ordinary numeracy charts or multiplication tables; they are tactile and made of soft flexible plastic. This low tech approach to maths teaching resources is an effective way of boosting key numeracy skills.

The Flexitable programme consists of a multiplication tables (times tables), an addition, a number and a fraction/decimal grid all printed on soft flexible plastic that has vertical and horizontal channels allowing children to continuously fold them again and again. Flexitables have a far greater life than paper or cardboard products, and are proven to be a very effective way of teaching numeracy and times tables to kids.

Flexitables are available singly or as sets. Select from the drop down of options below.