Essential Pencil Grip Kit

Product code: CRC45

£13.99 exc. VAT

Looking to test out a bunch of different pencil grips? Look no further!

This Essential Pencil Grip Kit comes with a huge range of effective pencil grips included.

From specific needs such as a finger across the thumb, or for increased comfort during tiring exams, the essential pencil grip kit offers pencil grips for all situations.

Pencil grips are made from softer materials that are lovely to hold and won’t slip down the pencil when used – perfect for getting handwriting lessons going with a zing!

Includes an assortment of 20 pencil grips:

Classic – right hand (x2)
Classic – left hand (x1)
Skittle (x3)
Write (x1)
Dolphin (x1)
Comfort (x2)
Ridged Comfort (x3)
Stegosaurus (x1)
Squooshi (x2)
Soft Triangular (x3)
Large Soft Triangular (x1)
(Colours and contents may vary)

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