Dyscalculia – Target Ladders

Product code: 9781855035935

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By Kate Ruttle

This provides an overview of the range of difficulties experienced by children with Dyscalculia, helping the teacher to get a better understanding of the child’s learning priorities. Photocopiable materials include checklists to help identify children who may be in need of extra help and templates for records of progress and monitoring sheets.

It enables the identification of next steps, presenting “small steps” targets for children and suggested activities and strategies for achieving these targets.

The book offers teachers helpful guidance in identifying both what children can already do and what specific targets they need support to achieve. The positive approach of structured small-steps targets, together with activities for teaching these, will ensure that children will make accelerated progress.

Areas covered:

• Foundation skills

• The number system

• Addition and subtraction

• Multiplication and division

• Shape and measure

• Money and problem solving

• Data handling and fractions

• Behaviours for learning

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