The Dyscalculia Resource Book – 2nd edition

Product code: 9781473975002

£32.99 exc. VAT

By Ronit Bird

Following on from the very successful first edition the second edition of Ronit Bird’s The Dyscalculia Resource Book now comes with 120 games and puzzles and a brand new section on ‘mixed operations puzzles’ which require learners to switch mentally between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Written by a teacher for teachers.

The new edition will also provide access to an accompanying website featuring demo videos of different games and puzzles and the option to easily download and print all the games and puzzles in the book!

Ideal for working with students 7 to 14 years old, this is the perfect companion to The Dyscalculia Toolkit, essential additions to every teachers’ resource collection.

ISBN: 9781473975002
Pub: May 2017


  • Introduction
  • Overview Tables
  • PART I Addition and Subtraction Games and Puzzles
  • PART II Multiplication Tables and Division Games and Puzzles
  • Part III Mixed Operations Puzzles
  • Part IV Puzzle Solutions
  • Appendix: Digit Cards Glossary

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