Cursive Writing Skills – Right & left handed

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Two books from Diana Hanbury King the author of our highly popular Writing Skills series which while stand alone books are also a supplement to this series.

These will help students become fluent writers, allowing them to focus on their thoughts and ideas rather than on letter and word formation. There are two volumes in this series, each designed especially for right- and left-handed students. The Writing Skills Teacher’s Handbook offers explicit instruction for those with learning differences as well as techniques and exercise for proficient writers.

  • A kinaesthetic, multisensory approach that is particularly effective for students with language-based learning differences
  • Verbal cues to help students internalize letter formation and increase “motor memory”
  • Instructions on proper pencil grip, paper position, and posture to help students transcribe more efficiently, individualised for both right- and left-handed students

Skills Addressed

  • Correct paper position, posture, and pencil grip for
    right- or left- handed students
  • Prewriting exercises
  • Lowercase letters
  • Joining lowercase letters
  • Numerals
  • Uppercase letters
  • Joining uppercase to lowercase letters
  • Writing practice and applications

To download  sample pages click here for a pdf.


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