Can We Do That Again? A tutors guide

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By Linda Riley

Can We Do That Again? contains over100 ideas and activities for use in providing focused literacy interventions for students with dyslexia or related literacy difficulties.  The ideas and activities are briefly described and constitute tweaks to the main components of a standard literacy intervention session, not additional elements. most are suitable for 1:1 support or small group work, some could also be used for whole class teaching.

All have been used by Linda Riley in tutoring individual and small groups of students with dyslexia and are based on the premises that students learn best when they are actively involved and enjoying themselves; that each student is different with his own specific strengths and weaknesses; and that we are training the student not teaching the lesson. These premises feel self-evident but they are often overlooked and need to be borne in mind when working with students with dyslexia.  This book owes its existence to everything that my many students over the years have taught me; and also to the inspirational contacts with professional colleagues that have shaped my thinking and practice. The students have also, unknowingly, provided the title for the book, “Can We Do That Again?

Published: 2018
ISBN: 9781907656255