A Minute A Day High Frequency Words

Product code: 9780953602353

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By Sheila Crompton

40 photocopiable precision teaching games for parents and teachers.

The third book in Sheila Crompton’s highly popular Minute A Day series, this is an excellent aid to help learners become fluent readers. Can be used from Reception through KS1 and KS22. The 220 High Frequency (HF) words featured also include several groups of words based around specific themes.

Each page features a game to be read and played for a minute. The simple concept being that with practice and repetition the learner will be able to read/play more words in the minute allowed.

Great for parents, teachers and TA’s either as a warm-up or warm-down to a learning session or to take home for practise.

Fully photocopiable.

Sample pages here and here.

Pub: 2018
ISBN: 9780953602353



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